Summer school in International Management & Marketing
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
31 July 2017– 5 August 2017


UBB-FSEGA International Summer School on Business Administration is organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. This year the summer school will focus on International Management & Marketing with a perspective on Eastern Europe and will take place during 31st July – 5th August 2017. During the Summer School international students will attend classes of four hours each day taught by professors and researchers from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and they will also benefit of lectures given by Romanian entrepreneurs. The summer school is the best opportunity to visit Cluj-Napoca, the capital of Transylvania and learn more about the Romanian culture. On top of that, participants will have the chance to experience the student life in Cluj-Napoca through a variety of cultural and social activities including a one day trip to Bran Castle.

Aim of the program

UBB-FSEGA International Summer School on Business Administration is addressed to business students from all over the world. It is intended to develop students’ grasp of business as it provides numerous opportunities for networking. The courses offered during the summer school will provide students with valuable knowledge about entry modes strategies, ethical behavior and international marketing. Lectures, readings, and case studies will be used to introduce topics so as students can gain and develop the necessary skills for the international business environment. The summer school strives itself to be the best mixture between education and entertainment.


Module 1: International Management
Module aim
The module is structured into three parts. The first one International Business Strategies will examine how firms can select new international markets, develop strategies for entering these markets and manage these markets for growth and regional expansion. The second part will focus on Ethics in International Business and will focus on the foundations of ethical behavior, with special focus on the main ethical issues in international business. The third one International Human Resource Management will develop the capacity to understand the real world HR issues and it will build some necessary skills to work in multinational organizations and across national borders by providing general knowledge in HR.

Module outline
Day 1: International Business Strategies (Lecturer Ovidiu-Niculae BORDEAN, PhD)
•    Defining strategy
•    Stages of global strategy
•    Motives and decisions to internationalize
•    Strategies to pursue international markets

Day 2: International Sociocultural Environment (Lecturer Dan C. LUNGESCU, PhD)
•    The concept of culture
•    National cultures
•    Impacts of culture on international business
•    Developing intercultural competence

Day 3: Ethics in International Business (Lecturer Irina SALANȚĂ, PhD)
•    Foundations of business ethics.
•    Ethical misconduct in international business: examples, solutions and consequences.
•    Ethical dilemmas in international business: does more really mean less?
•    Corporate Social Responsibility: doing well by doing good.

Module 2: International Marketing
Module aim
The course is structured in two parts. The first one Intro to international Marketing will describe the factors involved in the process of choosing the company’s international target markets, how to adapt to different conditions present there and how to generally develop a marketing strategy for these markets. The second part will focus on International Retailing while discussing aspects such as globalization versus localization, sustainability, generational marketing and omnichannel retailing.

Module outline
Day 4: Intro to International Marketing (Lecturer Maria Luiza SOUCA, PhD)
•    International perspective: a choice or a requirement?
•    Key factors to consider when choosing your target market
•    Developing an overall marketing strategy

Day 5: International Retailing (Lecturer Dan-Cristian DABIJA, PhD)
•    Glocalization and Sustainability – milestones in International Retailing
•    Generational Marketing: a challenge for international retailers
•    Omnichannel Retailing: The modern success story in customer targeting


Ovidiu-Niculae Bordean, PhD

Ovidiu-Niculae Bordean, PhD

is Associate Professor at the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babeș-Bolyai University. He holds a PhD in Management from the Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca. He was awarded a postdoctoral scholarship from the University of Economics in Bucharest. Dr. Bordean was guest lecturer at various universities: Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (Germany), Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (Finland), University of Economics in Katowice (Poland), University of Maribor (Slovenia), Dongguk University (Korea). He has published so far 5 books as main or co-author and has more than 60 articles published in international journals and Conference Proceedings from all over the world. He was Vice-President of the Society for Business Excellence and Editorial Assistant of the journal Management & Marketing. Challenges for the Knowledge Society. His research interests focus on study of business strategies, corporate governance and entrepreneurship. Dr. Bordean teaches several courses to both undergraduate and graduate students: International strategies, Purchasing management, Conflict management.

Irina-Iulia Salanță, PhD

Irina-Iulia Salanță, PhD

is Assistant Professor at the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babeș-Bolyai University, from which she also holds a PhD in Management. She was visiting professor at Texas A&M University for one semester and has completed various research modules at: Nyenrode Business University (The Nederlands), Zaragoza Logistics Center (Spain), Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). In 2016 she was won the Excellentia Award for her teaching activities. She is the co-author of 4 books and single author of one, has published over 30 articles in national, international journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Salanță’s research topics include outsourcing logistics, ethics and corporate social responsibility related topics. She teaches several courses to both undergraduate and graduate students, including: Management, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and International Management.

Dan C. Lungescu, PhD

Dan C. Lungescu, PhD

is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, “Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca. He earned a PhD degree in Management, awarded by the same university, on a topic related to the cultural bases of management. Dr. Lungescu is main author or co-author of several books and articles, especially focusing the international side of management. He is chair of the Managerial Challanges of the Contemporary Society international conference. His research interests follow the subjects he teaches to both undergraduate and graduate students: Management, Comparative management, Change management, Leadership in organisations.

Maria Luiza Souca, PhD

Maria Luiza Souca, PhD

is Assistant Professor at the Department of Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babeș-Bolyai University. She holds a PhD in Marketing from the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca. Dr. Souca is a guest lecturer at Ecole de Management de Normandie, France. She has published one book on customer satisfaction in the hotel industry, and more than 15 articles published in international journals and Conference Proceedings from all over the world, with a focus on customer satisfaction measure and management, open innovation, tourism and viral marketing. Her current research interest focus on the tourism industry, business negotiation and event marketing and management. Dr. Souca teaches several courses to both undergraduate and graduate students: International Marketing, Business Negotiation, and Tourism Marketing.

Dan-Cristian Dabija, PhD

Dan-Cristian Dabija, PhD

is Associate Professor and Phd Supervisor at the Department of Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania. His teaching and research fields are retailing, international marketing, consumer behaviour and tourism marketing. Dr. Dabija completed his PhD Studies at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania, and has been awarded several doctoral and postdoctoral research scholarships at Romanian and German universities. Dr. Dabija currently leads a research project on sustainability in retailing financed by the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation. He has published in various journals and has participated in numerous conferences (EMAC, World Marketing Congress, Annual MBAA International Conference, Annual North American ACR Conference, RESER), and serves as a reviewer for Amfiteatru Economic, Romanian Marketing Journal, Journal of Global Marketing, and Marketing Education Review.

Program fees & Payment

There is a limited number of places for this year’s edition of the summer school. The tuition fee for the program is 250 Euros. Students from partner universities can benefit of a discounted fee of 200 Euros. Check the list of our partner university to find out if you qualify for the discounted fee.
The participation fee covers the following services:
•    Business courses and study materials
•    Breakfast and lunch (Monday to Friday on lecture days)
•    Accommodation in students’ dorms on-campus (3 students in a room)
•    Internet access (WiFi) on campus
•    Company visit
•    Public transportation ticket within the city of Cluj-Napoca valid for one week
•    Grade certificate
•    Social and cultural program (guided city tour, visit of Village Museum, Romanian evening)
•    Transportation to Bran Castle and lunch in Brașov on Saturday
The program fee does not include the following:
•    Visa expenses
•    Travel costs to and from Cluj-Napoca
•     Insurance costs
•     Bank commissions
Students who want to participate in the summer school will have to pay the tuition fee after they had been accepted and received the acceptance letter. Details regarding payment will be sent to each accepted applicant via email, along with the acceptance letter


Students will be accommodated in the faculty’s dormitories which are right on-campus. A maximum of three students will share a room. Each room has its own private bathroom and WiFi access.


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Important dates

Extended registration deadline: 19th June, 2017
Notification of acceptance: 23th June, 2017 (30th May 2017 for those
registered until 25th May, 2017)
Extended payment deadline: 3rd July, 2017
Summer school period: 31st July, 2017 – 5th August, 2017


Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
58-60, Teodor Mihali Street, 400591, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

email: summerschool@econ.ubbcluj.ro