NICSO 2011

We would like to thank all of you for being in Cluj for NICSO 2011!

Rodica, Camelia, Anca, Dan & Co

group picture salina turda 2011

Salina Turda (Alberto Tonda)

Granada, 2010

NICSO 2011 is the fifth edition of the International Workshop on Nature Inspired Cooperative Strategies for Optimization. Previous NICSOs  were held in Granada (2006 and 2010), Acireale (2007) and Puerto de la Cruz (2008). Papers arising from these workshops were published in books (NICSO 2007NICSO 2008,  NICSO 2010) and in journal special issues:J. of Natural Computing Special issue on Nature Inspired Cooperative Strategies for Optimisation (NICSO) and and J. of Memetic Computing.

Puerto de la Cruz, 2008

The motivation behind the NICSO series is to promote, showcase and motivate cutting-edge research at the interface of, on the one hand, optimisation and machine learning and, on the other hand, physics, chemistry and biology with a specific focus on nature inspired cooperative strategies applied to optimisation and search problems of any kind.

Acireale, 2007

Cooperative behavior occurs at all temporal and spatial scales, from the molecular, to the cellular, all the way to  ecological and social systems. The NICSO series seeks to uncover principles, processes, mechanisms and protocols occurring at all spatial and temporal scales in which “cooperation”, understood here in a wide sense, plays a role in problem solving and that could be distiled into algorithms useful for search and optimisation.