Our Mission

  • developing, promoting and implementing the internationalisation strategy of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The emphasis of its activities falls on co-ordination and management of the University’s student, teacher and researcher exchanges within different EU and non-EU programmes, as well as within the University’s bilateral agreements;
  • providing prospective international students, lecturers, professors, with information about Faculty of Economics and Business Administration study programmes and admission procedures;
  • promoting interaction among international students, associate lecturers and professors and the local community;
  • offering comprehensive advice to international students and staff before leaving home, upon arrival in Cluj-Napoca and during their stay here;
  • organising orientation seminars and monthly meetings with international students;
  • informing the general public on the opportunities of international co-operation, providing the possibility of studying and experiencing a different educational culture and university environment, as well as the opportunity to obtain a diploma from prestigious universities in Europe, the United States of America and Canada;
  • managing the European programmes, promoting international participation of theFaculty of Economics and Business Administration in programmes such as ERASMUS, CEEPUS, DAAD, etc.;
  • promoting the University’s offer of educational programmes abroad;
  • organising the summer schools and the international events of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration;
  • promoting the joint degrees and joint research programmes;
  • editing and publishing materials for international students and teaching staff.

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