Programare interviu

Atasat aveti programarea pentru Interviu selectie Erasmus 2017-2018 Programare

Bursa Baden-Wuerttemberg

I wanted to bring to your attention that students may apply for the Baden-Wuerttemberg Scholarship in 2017. I have attached the information to this mail and would like to inform you that we have prolonged the application dead-line to October

Rezultate Erasmus

Rezultate Erasmus – download

Programare interviu 11.10.2016

Programare interviu – download programare-erasmus-interviu-11102016

Depunere dosare Erasmus Master 1 + Doctorat

Depunere Dosare Erasmus Biroul Relatii Internationale FSEGA 133 30.09.2016 vineri 09.00-10.00 03.10.2016 luni 09.00-10.00 04.10.2016 marti 09.00-10.00 05.10.2016 miercuri 14.00-15.00 06.10.2016 joi 09.00-10.00 07.10.2016 vineri 09.00-10.00 10.10.2016 luni 13.00-13.30 Afisare lista ordine intrare interviu luni ora 20.00 – site FSEGA

New agreements and deadlines updated

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